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Some Nevada Gold Nuggets ... have a high chance of finding at least a little gold by visiting these locations. ... of producing gold nuggets with a metal detector has ...

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We got to the gold field in Nevada in the hopes of finding gold. This area is known to have a good amount of nuggets and specimens in Quartz. In our how to find gold expedition we are using 2 main metal detectors.

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Farther south, down toward Death Valley, you can drive west out of Bishop on Highway 168 for a few miles up into the Sierra Nevada range, where you'll find streams that may put gold fines and small nuggets into your pan.

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Finding Gold Nuggets Once you have held a substantial sized natural gold nugget in your hand, you are highly susceptible to catching "gold fever". The symptoms of gold fever include the desire to go out and find your own nuggets.


Clark County Nevada . Gold and silver were discovered in Clark County, Nevada in 1857. The total production has been recorded at 291,770 ounces of gold between 1908 and 1959.

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Nevada has a long history of mining and early settlement which makes it a perfect state for finding all kinds of relics. From the old gold and silver camps, abandoned ghost towns, hidden treasure to raw gold nuggets, there are plenty of things to search for in Nevada. There are many great places to find […]


There are present day stories of modern day prospectors, either panning or using metal detectors, finding nuggets today. The picture to the right is a view near McDermitt, Nevada. NEVADA GOLD MAPS . A portion of the Gold map from the Walker Lake, Nevada Gold map is shown below.

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I have a wonderful selection of very rare gold nuggets and gold specimens for sale. They are all one of a kind high quality gold specimens. You will find many unique items on our website.

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Gold mining is either load (hard rock) or placer (loose gold that has separated from rock through natural processes). For the recreational prospector, the two most popular forms of prospecting are panning for placer gold or using a metal detector to find nuggets (also known as shooting for nuggets).

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Nevada Placer Locations. Nevada has produced some nice gold from a series of placers in the northern part of the state. Perhaps the best known are that are located in Pershing and Humboldt counties between Lovelock and Winnemucca.

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For more than a decade, Northern Nevada Gold has sold mineral specimens, nuggets, and gold nugget jewelry online. Our world-class specimens are ideal for classroom education, training, investment, gifts, or simply enjoyment.

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activity in Nevada was the great attention given to the rich silver-lode districts such as the Comstock, Eureka, and Reese River districts. Whereas in many other States, the discovery of gold placers stimulated the search for lode-gold deposits and other gold placers, in Nevada early attention

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California gold nuggets are highly valued and sought after by investors and collectors and are becoming increasingly hard to source as California has banned river dredging to protect the salmon. River dredging is the main source for finding gold nuggets in California.


HOT TIPS FOR NUGGET SHOOTERS ... gold fields south of Winnemucca, Nevada; near the ghost ... searching for and finding a lost Spanish gold mine. The nuggets that Chet ...

Tips for Detecting Gold Nuggets

I hope this article aids you in getting started detecting for gold nuggets. The following is a list of recommended books that can provide further information on nugget hunting: 1) "Finding Gold Nuggets With a Metal Detector," by Jim Normandi. 2) "Follow The Dry-washers," by Jim Straight. 3) "Magnificent Quest," also by Straight.

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Secret to finding GOLD NUGGETS!! - Rye Patch, Nevada Metal Detector Training This is one of Gerry's gangs for the weekend of october, out here getting training. on there different gloss machines.

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Nevada has a rich mining history, and it currently ranks as the #1 producer of gold and silver in the U.S. Prospectors often use metal detectors and drywashers to recover gold in the arid desert. Mining for gold in Nevada can be challenging, but also rewarding as there is still plenty of gold and silver left to be found.

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Even though Nevada is known as "the Silver State," it produces nearly two-thirds of the country's gold. In fact, some of the largest gold nuggets in North America have been found in Nevada. Northern Nevada is chock-full of old active and inactive gold and silver mines.

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New gold nugget discoveries are being made every day with metal detectors. I started my search for gold nuggets with a metal detector over a decade ago. I accredit a majority of the success I have had to a person that trained me correctly right from the beginning.

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Gold Nugget-Teering in Nevada By Delos Toole Delos Toole's Gold Nugget-Teering in Nevada is packed with maps, directions and commentary on the best places to look for gold nuggets in Nevada. Nevada, despite being dry, is rich in placer gold deposits and good sized nuggets are still being found today.

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Start Finding Gold! A Guide to Prospecting in Nevada. By Gold Rush Nuggets. Nevada is the #1 gold producing state in the U.S.

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$7. START FINDING GOLD IN NEVADA EBOOK 38-page eBook with detailed information on gold-bearing areas in Nevada

Finding Gold Nuggets

The best areas for finding gold nuggets are those which are known for producing coarse gold. The term "coarse" is used to describe gold pieces which range in size from a wheat grain to many grams.


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